Aluminium Casement 340 Top Hung Window

Our Aluminium windows are manufactured out of a superior quality casement 340 section. They are slim, stylish and durable. They can be manufactured in any configuration you desire for your home. They can be fitted with standard, toughened, laminated, Low E or double glazed glass. Our Aluminium Casement 340 top hung window has been successfully tested to the AAAMSA (A3) rating for wind load requirements.

Origin 340 Energy Efficient and Origin 38 Energy Efficient Casement Windows

Aluquip Aluminium - Aluminium Windows340 Energy Efficient and 38 Energy Efficient Casement Windows have two options of double
glazing, for better energy saving and noise reduction.

Double Glazing Option A - Double Glazing Sealed Insulated Safety Glass

Double Glazing Low-E - Double Glazing Sealed Insulated Safety Glass with Low-E on one side for Energy Efficiency.


  • Standard Finishes in all regions are Bronze Powder Coated, White Powder Coated and Natural Anodised. 
  • Special colours are available. 
  • All our products are available in standard and special sizes 

Download our Aluminium Top Hung Windows Configurations.